Who can attend Pharma conference?

Enumerated below are all the diverse professionals involved in the fields of Pharmaceutical Sciences, that will profit from taking part in the 9th World Conference on Pharmaceutical Science and Drug Manufacturing, which is scheduled to take place on the July 2021, in the remarkable city of Dubai.

Directors & Deans of Leading Pharmaceutical Sciences Universities

Academicians and Research Fellows from Leading Pharma Universities

Pharmaceutical Associations/ Institution/ Societies

Clinical Pharma Practitioners

Leading Pharmaceutical Science Research Regulatory Bodies

Entrepreneurs from the Pharma Sector

Cosmetologist/ Pharmacists /Physicists / Chemists

Scientists from the Pharmaceutical Cosmetologically Fields

Government Heads & Officials

Leading Pharmaceutical Professionals

Drug Manufacturing Experts & Specialists

Pharmaceuticals Manufacturing Companies

Drug Storage Companies

Pharmaceuticals Research and Development Organizations

Pharmaceutical Research Institutions

Modern Pharmaceuticals Research Organizations

Registered Researchers & Academics from the Pharmaceutical Domains

Drug Designers from the Pharmaceutical Companies

Software Developing Companies

CROs and CMOs

Ayurveda specialist/ Private sectors/ Hospital staffs

Natural & Traditional Medicine Professionals