Scopes & Benefits

To network, to meet the keynote speakers for advise, to create connections with researchers who share similar interests

To expand your knowledge in the field of Pharmaceutics and find solutions to existing problems.

To present your ideas, findings and work to others

To get feedback on your research project

To discuss ideas with other researchers

To learn about other projects being undertaken in your field

Training for researchers to help them better present their work and questions

To gain experience and to develop research interest

Connecting with other researchers and scholars in the same field.

Keeping in touch with the academic researchers from all around the world.

All the accepted Papers will be published in relevant reputed International Journals.

All the accepted research articles will be provided with Digital Object Identifier (DOI) numbers with which authors can find their research papers uploaded at the

Awards will be given for the best research paper and best paper presentation as well.

Our Mission & Vision

The mission of this unique conference on Pharmaceutical Science and Manufacturing is to promote the highest standards of pharmaceutical care, management and support globally. Our aim is to provide pharmacy practitioners with critical knowledge about recent developments that advance the efficiency of the delivery of pharmaceuticals and increases effectiveness.

This monumental event offers many networking opportunities with partners around the world in an exciting environment while also focussing on modern applications that are being utilized to make more innovative and improved strategic alliances that are focussed on securing the manufacturing requirements of top pharmaceutical firms.

Bioleagues Worldwide, which is organizing this great event, strives to keep the message central to all members of the pharmacy profession through the theme of the conference. It is not disputed that integrating pharmacists into the collaborative practice model can improve the continuity of patient care and health outcomes. In an ever-changing world, the new frontiers of health are changing rapidly with the striking mix of innovation and integrated practice. In this sense, the theme reflects our desire and our enthusiasm to offer a truly innovative and imaginative program while offering engaging lectures and sessions with balanced contributions from industry experts with years of experience.

The conference will provide the ideal forum to stimulate ideas and establish collaborations, as well as to launch intense discussions to secure collaborative projects and to present a highly interactive, stimulating and multidisciplinary program comprising of highly engaging workshops, plenary sessions and edifying round tables.