Conference Theme: Challenges Faced in the Pharma Industry due to Outbreak of COVID-19

The 9th World Conference on Pharmaceutical Science and Drug Manufacturing endeavors to render a unique platform for researchers, specialists, academics, pharmaceutical industry authorities and associated fields of global community pharmaceutical healthcare to trade and distribute their phenomenal experiences and critical knowledge and innovations are being made in the pharmaceutical sciences. The scientific sessions of the conference (which have been carefully and meticulously planned to offer delegates the most knowledge and expertise), will highlight the necessity to focus on modifications in some of the principal domains of pharmaceutical technology, drug formulation and analytical techniques, phytochemical and pharmacological sciences, pharmaceutical examination, as well as the pharmaceutical industry and the healthcare industry, in general, together with all related health care sectors.

Pharma industry covers an important proportion of total research in many developed countries. For the past years, Pharmaceutical industries are rapidly transforming into a whole new level with many trends and innovations such as Phenotypic Screening, Organs On-A-Chip, Bioprinting, New Antibiotics Discovery, etc.

This conference focuses on the theme “Challenges Faced in the Pharma Industry due to Outbreak of COVID-19”. It will provide a unique platform for the participants to explore and discuss the cutting-edge innovations in Pharmaceutical Science and Drug Manufacturing.

All key stakeholders and partners who are in support of the 9th World Conference on Pharmaceutical Science and Drug Manufacturing to held on the 28th - 29th July, 2021 in the beautiful city of Dubai, United Arab Emirates will convene a high-level forum on the improvement of access to essential medicines as well as manufacturing globally.

The event will focus on setting clear priorities for specific coordinated and effective actions, as well as multi-employer platforms with the support and determination of high-level decision-makers to realize the vision of leaders of the Pharmaceuticals industry.

The overall objective of the forum is to promote tangible efforts that will advance access to affordable primary medications and catalyze global production by mobilizing high-level executive commitments and viable solutions.

This conference has been designed to examine the evidence regarding constraints, opportunities and examples of good practice within the Pharma industry and also closely review a wide range of issues to manufacturing such as the harmonization of regulatory protocols, research and development, production, quality control, distribution, diagnostics and diagnostics and health care capacity development as well as incentives to stimulate progressive global healthcare initiatives and other worthy health systems initiatives.

Who can attend Pharma conference?

Enumerated below are all the diverse professionals involved in the fields of Pharmaceutical Sciences, that will profit from taking part in the 9th World Conference on Pharmaceutical Science and Drug Manufacturing, which is scheduled to take place on the 28th - 29th July, 2021, in the remarkable city of Dubai.

Why to attend Pharma conference?

We provide international conferences worldwide on cutting-edge basic on applied research in life sciences, Pharmaceutical science, Medicine, Healthcare and Drug delivery by the simplest talents in industry and academia. Asserted hereinafter are all the reasons why all specialists, industry bodies, experts, and scientists associated with Pharma community, should partake in the 9th World Conference on Pharmaceutical Science and Drug Manufacturing, which is set to take place on the 28th - 29th July, 2021, in the stunning city of Dubai. Up-to-date updates in the Pharmaceutical industry are the Hallmarks of this event. The convention provides delegates the ideal opportunity to

Associate with renowned global lecturers in the disciplines of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Participate in compelling case investigations Pharma research

Engage in distinguished Pharma enterprise organizations

Learn about innovative Pharmaceutical Sciences investigation schemes

Disseminate information about their contemporary examination conclusions through the medians of both verbal and banner exhibits

Engage with authorities at the convention

Proclaim their ground-breaking investigation and conclusions in relevant Scopus Indexed editions

Obtain possibilities to network and exchange opinions on contemporary

Acquire motivation from extraordinary professional Pharma investigations

Engage with specialists in the domain of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Drug Manufacturing

Exhibit their expertise to intensify their professions in Pharmaceutical Sciences

Attain attention and strengthen their trust worthiness

Communicate with notable specialists in Pharmaceuticals science at the 9th World Conference on Pharmaceutical Science and Drug Manufacturing to be held on the 28th - 29th July, 2021, in Dubai.

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